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Former plant breeder Dr. Tom Starling working in the field

        Variety tests were initiated in wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, onions, and cabbages.
        Fertilizer experiments were initiated in wheat.
    Fertilizer tests in corn were initiated in 1892.
    Sorghum, corn, cowpeas, and soybeans were evaluated for forage use in 1901.
    Variety tests with winter wheat, fall-sown oats, spring oats, cowpeas, soybeans, millet, sorghum, potatoes, sugar beets, mangels, turnips, and other crops.
    Dates of seeding tests with wheat, oats, barley, rye, corn, and crimson clover.
    Selection experiments in winter wheat, oats, and barley were initiated.
    In 1906, Prof. H.L. Price initiated a series of experiments in crossbreeding and hybridization of tomatoes to verify Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance and to develop improved strains of tomatoes.
    Selection of improved strains of varieties of corn was initiated and selection of improved strains of small grain varieties was continued.
    Plant breeding programs which incorporated hybridization in the development of novel cultivars were initiated in the early to mid 1940s.
    R.P. Cocke made selections among the alfalfa variety Kansas Common from which ‘Williamsburg’ alfalfa was released in 1947.
    In the late 1920s, J.H. Beattie (USDA) and E.T. Batten developed the peanut varieties Holland Virginia Runner and Holland Jumbo.
    Prior to 1946, the wheat varieties Vahart (Redhart selection) and V.P.I. 131 (Fulcaster selection) were developed.
    In 1942, the flue-cured tobacco variety Yellow Special was developed.
    Dr. S.A. Wingard initiated research on the genetic behavior of disease resistance in plants in 1918, and developed 10 varieties of snap beans, emphasizing rust resistance.
    Dr. Boyd Harshbarger initiated the use of randomization, replication, and small plots in research to estimate variety effects.  Prior to this, a difference of 20 bushels was required in corn to certify significance.
    Dr. C.F. Genter developed 8 corn hybrids between 1951-1959 and 14 yellow dent inbreds were released between 1961-1966.
    From 1952 to 1966, three peanut varieties were released.
    From 1948 to 1966, James barley and four oat varieties were released.
    Dr. T.J. Smith cooperatively released five soybean varieties between 1946-1966.
    Nineteen tobacco varieties were released between 1946-1966.

Barley, Corn, Oat, Peanut, Soybean and Wheat Cultivars and Lines Released prior to 2000
Year    Species    Cultivar    Type of Release
1961    Barley    James    Public
1968    Barley    Hanover    Public
1970    Barley    Rapidan    Public
1976    Barley    Henry    Public
1976    Barley    Monroe    Public
1976    Barley    Surry    Public
1977    Barley    Maury    Public
1982    Barley    Sussex (VA 75-42-55)    Public
1985    Barley    Wysor (VA 83-42-63)    Public
1989    Barley    Penncomp 101, germplasm    Public, joint with USDA-ARS and PA
1991    Barley    Nomini (VA 84-44-342)    Public
1993    Barley    Pamunkey (VA89-41-2)    Public
1993    Barley    Starling (VA85-44-226)    Public
1994    Barley (VA9O-41-14)    Public
1982    Corn    VA95 yellow inbred line    Public
1982    Corn    VA96 yellow inbred line    Public
1982    Corn    VA97 yellow inbred line    Public
1982    Corn    VA98 yellow inbred line    Public
1982    Corn    VA99 yellow inbred line    Public
1982    Corn    VS1 breeding population    Public
1983    Corn    VAIOO yellow inbred line    Public
1983    Corn    VS1-1473 breeding population    Public
1983    Corn    VS1-1493 breeding population    Public
1983    Corn    VS1-1768 breeding population    Public
1983    Corn    VSASD(E)C4 breeding population    Public
1985    Corn    VA 101 inbred    Public
1985    Corn    VA 102 inbred    Public
1985    Corn    VA 103 inbred    Public
1985    Corn    VA 104 inbred    Public
1985    Corn    VS2W breeding population    Public
1948    Oat    Arlington    Public, joint with USDA
1948    Oat    Atlantic    Public
1962    Oat    Fairfax    Public, joint with NC
1962    Oat    Roanoke    Public, joint with USDA
1971    Oat    Windsor    Public
1952    Peanut    Virginia Bunch 46-2    Public
1956    Peanut    Virginia 56R    Public
1961    Peanut    Virginia 61R    Public
1971    Peanut    Virginia 72R    Public
1979    Peanut    VGP 1 germplasm    Public
1981    Peanut    Virginia 81 Bunch    Public
1986    Peanut    Hampton breeding line (VA 780839)    Public
1986    Peanut    VGP 2 germplasm (VA732813)    Public
1986    Peanut    VGP 3 germptasm (VA732815)    Public
1986    Peanut    VGP 4 germplasm (VA732816)    Public
1986    Peanut    VGP 5 germplasm (VA732817)    Public
1986    Peanut    VGP 6 germplasm (VA732818)    Public
1986    Peanut    VGP7germplasrn (VA751014)    Public
1989    Peanut    NC-V11 (NC Ac 18411)    Public, joint with NC ARS, USDA-ARS
1992    Peanut    VA-C 92R    Public
1993    Peanut    VA 93B (VA910212)    Public
1993    Peanut    VGP 9 germplasm    Public, joint with USDA-ARS
1994    Peanut    VGS1 genetic. stock    Public (Joint with USDA-ARS)
1994    Peanut    VGS2 genetic stock    Public (Joint with USDA-ARS)
1997    Peanut    VGP 10 germplasm (VA8129)    Public (Joint with USDA-ARS)
1997    Peanut    VGP 11 germpl.asm (VA861101)    Public (Joint with USDA-ARS)
1998    Peanut    VA98R (VA910954)    Public release joint with USDA-ARS
1967    Soybean    York    Public
1972    Soybean    Essex    Public
1974    Soybean    Shore    Public
1978    Soybean    Bay    Public
1978    Soybean    Ware    Public, joint with DE
1985    Soybean    Toano (V75-183)    Public
1986    Soybean    Morgan (Md79-5043)    Public, joint with MD, NJ and VA
1986    Soybean    Stafford (V74-315-142)    Public
1986    Soybean    Vance (V81-1325)    Public
1987    Soybean    Hutcheson (V78-184)    Public
1989    Soybean    Camp (V81-1325-62)    Public
1991    Soybean    Manokin (Md83-5008)    Public, joint with MD, AR, MO & OK
1993    Soybean    Chesapeake (V81-141)    Public
1993    Soybean    Cultivar named by licensee    Exclusive
1993    Soybean    Holladay (N85-578)    Public, joint with USDA-ARS, NCARS, AR
1993    Soybean    Missouri germplasm (7 lines)    Public, joint with MO and IL
1993    Soybean    V88-968 germplasm    Public
1993    Soybean    V88-970 germplasm    Public
1993    Soybean    V88-987 germplasm    Public
1993    Soybean    V89-2372 germplasm    Public
1994    Soybean    Clifford (N87-325)    Public (Joint with MD and NC)
1995    Soybean    Cultivar named by licensee    Exclusive
1996    Soybean    Accomac (V88-i234)    Exclusive
1996    Soybean    V71-37O BrY     Exclusive
1996    Soybean    V94-5152 germplasm    Public
1997    Soybean    V93-0386    Exclusive
1997    Soybean    V93-1079    Exclusive
1998    Soybean    V88-494    Exclusive
2000    Soybean    V91-3036    Exclusive
2001    Soybean    V239 germplasm    Public
2001    Soybean    V94-3922 germplasm    Public
2001    Soybean    V95-0391 germplasm    Public
2001    Soybean    V97-9001 germplasm    Public
1945    Wheat    Vahart    Public
1975    Wheat    Potomac (VA66-54-6)    Public, joint with MD
1980    Wheat    Tyler (VA 75-24-95)    Public
1980    Wheat    Wheeler (VA 76-54-67)    Public
1981    Wheat    Massey (VA 76-52-12)    Public
1983    Wheat    Saluda.(VA .79-54-254)    Public
1988    Wheat    VA82-52-52    Exclusive
1990    Wheat    Madison (VA 85-52-24)    Public
1990    Wheat    VA85-52-29    Exclusive
1990    Wheat    VA85-54-258    Exclusive
1990    Wheat    Wakefield (VA 85-52-34)    Public
1991    Wheat    VA85-54-290    Exclusive
1992    Wheat    VA85-52-3    Exclusive
1993    Wheat    Jackson (VA88-54-479)    Public
1994    Wheat    VA87-54-370    Exclusive
1995    Wheat    VA91-51-14    Exclusive
1995    Wheat    VA91-51-1O    Withdrawn
1995    Wheat    VA91-51-20    Exclusive
1995    Wheat    VA9O-51-7    Exclusive
1997    Wheat    VA 93-51-42    Exclusive
1997    Wheat    VA 93-52-9    Exclusive
1998    Wheat    Roane (VA93-54-429)    Public
1998    Wheat    VA92-51-12    Exclusive
1998    Wheat    VA93-54-258    Exclusive
1998    Wheat    VA94-52-60    Exclusive
1998    Wheat    VA94-52-69    Exclusive
1999    Wheat    VA94-54-479    Exclusive
1999    Wheat    VA95-52-60    Exclusive
1999    Wheat    VA96W-351    Exclusive
2000    Wheat    Sisson (VA96W-250)    Public
2000    Wheat    VA96-54-326    Exclusive
2000    Wheat    VA96W-158    Exclusive
2000    Wheat    VA96W-247    Exclusive
2000    Wheat    VA96W-270    Exclusive
2001    Wheat    VA96-54-372    Exclusive
2001    Wheat    VA96W-391    Exclusive
2001    Wheat    VA96W-403WS    Exclusive
2001    Wheat    VA96W-56    Exclusive
2001    Wheat    VA97W-206    Exclusive